Launchpad instructions

How to participate in the Entity Launchpad


  • A valid email address

  • A passport, government-issued photo ID, or national identity card

  • A bank statement or utility bill

Phase 1: Complete KYC

  1. Under KYC, click Login and connect your wallet. If you are already logged in, click Start KYC.

  2. Accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

  3. Enter your email address and click Save.

  4. Check your email for the confirmation link. The email may take a few minutes to arrive and could show up in your spam folder. If you cannot confirm your email directly, we recommend copy and pasting the confirmation link into a web browser.

  5. Enter your personal information. Make sure that your country of residence matches your ID documents. Once you have submitted this info, you will not be able to modify it.

  6. Upload photos of your ID documents. Your photos should show the full document in focus and with proper lighting.

  7. After you upload your ID document, you must take a photo of your self to confirm your identity. Make sure that your face is visible, properly lit, and you are not wearing a hat or sunglasses. Eyeglasses are only acceptable if you wear glasses in your ID document photo.

  8. Submit your proof of address. Make sure that your full name matches the name provided in both your KYC form and on your ID document.

Once you have submitted your KYC, please allow up to 7 days for review. If your KYC is 'rejected', you can try again up to 2 more times. Please carefully re-read all instructions and the troubleshooting guide to ensure that you meet all the requirements. If your KYC is 'finally rejected', this decision is final based on legal regulations.

Phase 2: Staking snapshot

  1. Make sure you are staking enough of the specified token to qualify for the staking snapshot. Please note, only classically staked EGLD currently qualifies for the snapshot.

  2. For the Knights of Cathena launch, you can qualify for Tier 1 (up to 20 tickets) without needing to stake any EGLD.

You can click Eligibility Tiers in the Key Metrics section for more information about the snapshot tiers for a specific project.

Phase 3: Buy tickets

  1. Select the amount of tickets you want to purchase.

  2. Sign the transaction to finish buying your tickets.

Phase 4: Claim tokens

  1. Once the Winner Selection is complete, select Claim Tokens.

  2. Sign the transaction to finish claiming your new tokens for any winning tickets. For any losing tickets, you will also receive back the corresponding amount of EGLD.

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