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To track your portfolio on Entity, simply click Portfolio and select a login method. Once logged in, Entity's Portfolio module provides a detailed breakdown of your crypto assets.

Wallet Balance

Wallet Balance displays key metrics about your holdings.

  • The total balance of your assets is displayed in the center

  • Available displays the amount of EGLD in your wallet that is immediately ready to use

  • Staked displays the amount of EGLD you currently are staking

  • Value of other tokens displays the total US$ value of your ESDTs, which means every token you have on MultiversX besides EGLD.

  • Farms values displays the total US$ value of your assets deposited in yield farms.

  • Metabonding value displays the total US$ of your LKMEX in the Metabonding farm.

Token Distribution

Token Distribution displays all of your tokens that are not currently staked or undelegating. The chart is divided based on current US$ value of each asset. Simply mouse over a color to view the name and price of each token.

Staking Details

Staking Details displays key metrics about your staked assets. For each category, the total number of EGLD tokens is displayed in the middle column and the current US$ value on the right.

  • Staked displays the amount of EGLD currently staked

  • Claimable displays your amount of unclaimed staking rewards

  • Undelegated displays the amount of EGLD are currently in the 10-day unstaking period

  • Legacy staking displays the amount of EGLD currently staked with Elrond Foundation nodes

Legacy staking is when users delegate their funds to the Elrond Foundation. The Legacy Delegation Pool requires a waiting list to access, has a minimum staking amount of 10 EGLD, and does not allow restaking of rewards. As MultiversX transitions into Phase 4 and becomes even more decentralized, legacy staking's APR will be reduced and ultimately eliminated. We therefore recommend moving your funds to a different staking provider.


Tokens displays key metrics about your ESDT tokens.

  • Name/Explorer displays the name of the token and links to its Elrond Explorer page

  • Ticker displays the abbreviation used to identify your tokens

  • Type displays whether the token is an LP token or not

  • Token Amount displays the number of each token you hold.

  • US$ Balance displays your total US$ value of a particular token

  • Token Price displays the US$ price per token

  • Social Media displays icons that link to each token's social media pages

Did you know you can view multiple wallets or monitor your friends' wallets? Simply go to the Settings page and enter another public key under Connected Wallet(s).

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